January 2011

Updated snowfall totals for Moscow WY 10-11

January started off cold and dry, and ended warm and wet. Remarkably, only a hand-full of days in January after the 13th had overnight lows below freezing.

The limited coincidence of moisture and cold air aligning resulted in a paltry 4.5″ of snowfall accumulation in January, which is historically the snowiest month.

Note that the accumulated precipitation last month was above normal

So, to date the accumulated snow stands at 45.1″, about 25% above normal for this point in the season

Climatologically we are now 70% through the snow accumulation season, and it looks as though our collective forecasts might be a bit high…

The extended forecast 1-2 week puts us in a -PNA phase with above normal precip and cooler than normal temperatures.  We’ll see if this holds when we update things in March.



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